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13811 Oxham Falls Ct, Houston,TX 77044 For Rent

$ 2,300.00


Freshly painted home with new flooring. Walking distance from the newly added jogging trails, fitness center, tennis courts and Lake Anne and Lake Meredith. Rent: The rent due is due by the 1st in full and late by the 3rd. Term: The length of the lease is 1 year minimum. Security Deposit: Equal to the monthly rent to be used for unpaid rent or fees, damage to the property, cleaning costs, key replacement, legal fees, unreturned property, and security breach. Late Fees: If you fail to pay all rent by the 3rd day of the month, you shall pay an initial late charge of $50.00, plus a daily charge of $5.00 per day after that date until the rent and late charges are paid in full. Renewal Options: Upon 60 days prior to the end of your lease term, if you fail to provide notification to renew your lease or notification to move-out, and if we give you written notice of rent increases and/or lease changes that become effective after the termination date of your original lease term, all terms of the original Lease Agreement and Addendums will automatically continue month-to-month with the increased rent amount and/or lease changes. Termination: If we believe that fire or catastrophic damage is substantial, or that performance of needed repairs poses a danger to you, we may terminate this Lease by giving you at least 5 days written notice. We also have the right to terminate this Lease during the Lease term by giving you at least 30 days written notice of termination if we are demolishing the premises and it will no longer be used for residential purposes for at least 6 months. If the Lease is so terminated, we will refund prorated rent and all deposits, less lawful deductions. We may also remove person property if it causes a health or safety hazard. Assignment and Subleasing: Replacing a resident, subletting, or assigning a resident's rights is allowed only when we consent in writing. If a departing or remaining resident finds a replacement resident acceptable to us before moving out as we expressly consent to the replacement, subletting, or assignment, then: A. A reletting charge will not be due; B. A reasonable administrative (paperwork) fee will be due, and a rekeying fee will be due if rekeying is requested or required; and C. The departing and remaining residents will remain liable for all Lease obligations for the rest of the original Lease term. Maintenance and Repairs: Pest Control. The property is guaranteed by Landlord to be pest-free at beginning of Lease term. During the first seven (7) calendar days of tenancy, Landlord will be responsible for all pest removal if Tenant is able to provide evidence of live pests. Tenant agrees to be responsible for pest eradication thereafter and during remainder of tenancy. Yard Maintenance. Tenant shall, at his/her expense, maintain the premises by watering, weeding, and overall conditioning the lawn, shrubs, trees, and landscaping. If the lawn is higher than four inches and/or the flowerbed areas become infested with weeds, the Lessor's Agent may contract someone to mow the grass and/or remove the weeds. The Tenant will be obligated to pay for said service(s). The Tenant shall be responsible to provide his/her own lawn mower and gardening equipment. At no time can vehicles or trailers be parked on or driven on the lawn. All large tree pruning is the responsibility of the Owner and shall be conducted at the Owner's discretion. Utilities: You are responsible to activate and pay for all utilities and services, related deposits, and any charges or fees on such utilities and services during your Lease term. You may connect utilities and services only for normal house-hold purposes, and only for the premises listed within this Lease Contract. Prohibited Conduct: XVII. PROHIBITED CONDUCT You, your occupants, and your guests may not engage in the following activities: A. Criminal conduct; manufacturing, delivering, or possessing a controlled substance or drug paraphernalia; engaging in or threatening violence; possessing a weapon prohibited by state law; discharging a firearm on the premises; or, except when allowed by law, displaying or possessing a gun, knife, or other weapon on the premises, or in a way that may alarm others; B. Behaving in a loud or obnoxious manner; C. Disturbing or threatening the rights, comfort, health, safety, or convenience of others (including the Owner or our representatives) on or near the premises; D. Disrupting our business operations; E. Storing anything in closets containing gas appliances; F. Tampering with utilities or telecommunications; G. Bringing hazardous materials onto the premises; H. Using windows for entry or exit; I. Heating the premises with a gas-operated cooking stove or oven; or J. Injuring our reputation by making bad-faith allegations against us to others. Landlord Access: We reserve the right to conduct up to two (2) "Contract Compliance and Property Condition" inspections of the premises, exterior and interior, at our discretion per calendar year. These inspections will be conducted at random and are for the purposes of ensuring this Lease contract is in compliance and for preventative and recovery maintenance of property conditions. You will be provided at least a 2-day advance written notification of these inspections either through our online management portal or by email. Pet Policy: No Animals without Consent. No animals including, but not limited to, mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, rodents, amphibians, arachnids, or insects are allowed, even temporarily, anywhere on the premises unless we have given written permission. If authorization is given, you will be required to pay an increased security deposit amount with a due date determined by the Owner. A service animal will be authorized for disabled (handicapped) resident(s) upon written request and proof of disabled status and need for accommodation. You are NOT ALLOWED to feed wild or stray animals. Liability: Outlined in the lease

Property Details
  • Property ID: #151
  • Property Type: N/A
  • Area: 2,680.00 sqft
  • Livable Area: 2,680.00 sqft
  • Property Price: $ 2,300.00
  • Structure: SINGLE FAMILY
  • Sub Structure: Houses
  • Age: N/A
  • Built In: N/A
  • Country: USA
  • State: TX
  • City: Houston
  • Postal Code: 77044
  • Face: N/A
  • Price Negotiable: yes
  • Security Deposit: 2300
  • Total Floor: N/A
  • Property on Floor: N/A
  • Floor: Hardwood
Interior Features
  • Beds: 3
  • Bathroom: 2
  • Laundry: Hookups
  • Furnishing: N/A
Exterior Features
  • Architectual Style: N/A
  • Roof: N/A
  • Freshly painted home
  • Tennis courts
  • Fitness center
  • Lake meredith
  • Lake anne
Lease Term

1 Year

  • Total Parking: N/A
  • Garage Space: N/A
  • Covered Space: N/A
  • Parking Feature: Garage Detached
  • Dishwasher
  • Heating Feature: N/A
  • Cooling Feature: Other
  • Service: N/A
  • Pet Policy: ["Small Dogs"]
What's Nearby
  • Summerwood Elementary School
    (0.2 miles)
  • Woodcreek Middle
    (1.7 miles)
  • Summer Creek High School
    (2.1 miles)
  • Summerwood Elementary School
    (0.2 miles)
  • Woodcreek Middle
    (1.7 miles)
  • Summer Creek High School
    (2.1 miles)
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