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Enhance Your Curb Appeal: 3 Easy DIY Driveway Ideas

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3 Simple DIY Driveway Ideas

3 Simple DIY Driveway Ideas

Aug 06, 2023   By Vijay Rohila

A DIY driveway may be a simple method to increase parking or enhance the appearance of your house. Here are three rather straightforward possibilities.

1. Create a parking space.

Clearing some grass and laying mulch is the quickest, least expensive way to add a parking spot. It is simple to complete, looks excellent, and functions well.

Mulch is not a long-term fix, so use caution. Mulch degrades over time, disappears after a strong downpour, and loses its colour in the light. The cost of maintaining the mulch over time can wind up exceeding that of installing concrete initially.

Use a landscape barrier from the shop, or simply spread newspaper, to keep weeds at bay.

Consider alternate loose elements like gravel, stones, or crushed oyster shells if mulch seems too transient.

2. Create a driveway yourself using pavers.

A concrete or brick paver driveway makes for a more reliable parking choice. It may be professionally installed or done yourself. Online, there are several videos that demonstrate the procedures and all the insider tips. It's actually fairly easy:

  1. Dig the area that will be paved.
  2. Install a base material with a few inches of thickness, such as crushed concrete.
  3. Using a compactor, compact the base material, being careful to slope it as required.
  4. On top of the base material, spread a thin layer of sand.
  5. Install paver bricks on the sand layer by positioning them according to your preferred design.
  6. To prevent objects from shifting outward, build a border row of bricks around the margins and support that row with a poured concrete edge constraint.
  7. On top of the completed surface, add another layer of sand and brush it into the bricks' joints.

A driveway made of pavers may survive for decades if it is constructed correctly.

3. Select traditional concrete

The tried-and-true concrete driveway is the last option. Concrete is still the most popular driveway material in use today for three reasons: it looks great, is inexpensive, and has a long lifespan.

While building a concrete parking lot involves fewer steps than placing pavers, it is still not as user-friendly for beginners. Before tackling a huge area if you've never poured concrete before, it's a good idea to start with a smaller area, such as pavement.

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