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How to Build an Outdoor Shower: Good Clean Fun

How to Build an Outdoor Shower: Good Clean Fun

Aug 05, 2023   By Vijay Rohila

It's simpler than you would think to expand your options for showering outside!

It can appear as though only those who own beach properties would require or be fortunate enough to have outdoor showers. But if you're a die-hard gardener, runner, or someone who loves the flexibility of taking a shower outside your house, you might want to think about installing an outdoor shower.

You're in luck since virtually everyone can use an outdoor shower. Everything depends on how straightforward or intricate you want your shower to be. A straightforward cold water outdoor shower costs around $1,000 or less. A hot and cold water outdoor shower with an enclosure will cost between $4,000 and $8,000.


Here are four things to think about before deciding to build your own tiny slice of outdoor swimming paradise.


This is among the most crucial factors. It's wise to pick a location that you frequently visit. Most of the time, any location close to your home's rear entrance is an excellent choice, such as next to the back door or on the back deck. Place the shower close to the pool if you have one for quick rinses before and after swimming.

Plumbing accessibility is a crucial factor. You must install the shower close to the plumbing that already exists unless you're installing the kind that connects to a garden hose.

Do not forget to choose a sunny area. While you rinse, this will help prevent the growth of mold and mildew and give natural warmth.


Unless you assume that only persons wearing swimsuits would use the outdoor shower, privacy is a rather critical factor. The shower should feel private and away from prying eyes while still maintaining a natural atmosphere.

A freestanding folding screen is a simple and flexible option. These screens are especially useful on patios and decks, where it may not be feasible to construct any kind of wall.

Building corrugated metal wing walls to create a type of shower 'corner' where swimmers may rinse off after a dive is an additional alternative. By including a third wall in the layout, you may make this area more private. Of course, there's always the more ornate choice, which would be to build wooden walls around the shower.


The cheapest and easiest plumbing option is a shower attached to a garden hose that is then linked to an outside tap, and this is what many people go for. This cold-water faucet is ideal for an outdoor shower that is only utilized during the hottest months of the year and is mostly used to wash off sand and grime.

The hot-and-cold hose alternative comes next. A plumber is first required to install a hot water tap next to the cold one outside. The process generally continues in the same way as a cold-water hose shower from there.

The plumbed-in outdoor shower is the most elaborate—and most expensive—of them all. If you plan on taking regular outdoor showers rather than simply doing so after a sweltering day in the heat, it might be wise to invest in this. The only drawback to this strategy is that if you reside in a region with extremely cold winters, you must ensure that you can completely drain and insulate the plumbing to prevent a burst.


Letting the spent water flow into your yard is the simplest and most typical drainage solution. Consider building a French drain, which is simply a gravel-lined canal connected to a pipe that conducts water to a drainage area, if your yard doesn't have particularly porous ground or if the outdoor shower is close to your home.

Of course, choosing the first option to recycle the water in your garden is the simplest course of action.


Include inexpensive extras that heighten the excitement and enjoyment of taking a shower outside. The outside atmosphere is enhanced with a huge rainfall showerhead, and the addition of plants or flowers to the shower area or peeking through the enclosure adds a quirky touch.

Install hooks for drying towels and wet swimwear, some gentle solar lighting for showering at night, and perhaps even a chair. Most essential, include natural vistas in your shower's design, whether they are the sky above or the beauty of your backyard garden.

Installing your own outdoor shower is simple, and it will help you remain cool throughout the hotter months.

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  • Is it necessary to hire a professional for building an outdoor shower?

    While it's possible to DIY, consulting with a professional can ensure the project meets all safety and plumbing requirements.

  • Can I use my outdoor shower in all seasons?

    Depending on your location, you may need to consider insulation and additional features for winter use. In warmer climates, outdoor showers are typically usable year-round.

  • Are there water-saving options for outdoor showers?

    Yes, consider installing low-flow showerheads and collecting rainwater for an eco-friendly approach.

  • How do I maintain the plumbing in an outdoor shower?

    Regularly check for leaks, clean showerheads, and drain pipes to prevent clogs. Winterize if necessary in colder climates.

  • Can I install an outdoor shower on a deck or balcony?

    Yes, with proper waterproofing and drainage considerations, you can install an outdoor shower on a deck or balcony.

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