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Selling a House During the Summer

Selling a House During the Summer

Mar 24, 2024   By Vijay Rohila

Ah, summer! It's a period for pool parties, beach vacations, graduations, and backyard barbecues. It's also a great opportunity to sell a house. In fact, May through July home sales are traditionally hot, with homes often selling for in excess of 10% above market value. In any case, along with the benefits of selling your home during the summer, there are a few challenges. On the off chance that you're considering listing your home this summer, this is what you want to be aware so you don't get singed.

The Advantage of Listing a Home in the Summer

The greatest advantage to listing in summer is self-evident — having more potential purchasers looking for homes often brings about a higher sale cost. Yet, there's another advantage: summer purchasers are often time-confined. These purchasers usually need to find a home before school starts in the fall, so they're exceptionally energetic. Also, since the weather is pleasant, purchasers are out looking more, and they're more willing to attend open houses. The days are longer in the summer, making it easier for purchasers who work during the day to see homes in the evening.

Because the days are longer and the sun is usually shining, your house will be more appealing in the summer than any other season — especially assuming that you stay aware of the landscaping. Purchasers are often looking for a light, splendid house, so keep those curtains and blinds open so all that sunshine can bathe your home in a summertime gleam.

Summer is a great opportunity to take some time off, which could make showing your house easier for yourself as well as your real estate agent. Prepare your house show before you leave and advise your agent that you'll be away. This will allow your agent an opportunity to show your home uninhibitedly, and you will not have to stress over constantly cleaning in preparation for showings.

On the off chance that you really want to purchase another home in addition to selling your ongoing home, summer is the best opportunity to do this since such countless houses are on the market. You ought to have the option to find a purchaser rapidly as well as find another home rapidly as well.
The Disadvantage of Selling Your House During Summer

Since summer is the most popular season to move, it's the time most vendors decide to put their homes on the market. In this way, while there are more potential purchasers in the summer, there are also more houses available, which could translate into more contests. In the event that you happen to live in a fast-moving market, this could make selling seriously challenging.

Summer temperatures often soar into sweltering, making it substantially more challenging to stay aware of the necessary yard work like mowing and weeding, which are vital for control appeal. Depending on where you reside, moistness could add an extra layer of unpleasantness. Also, while it could be scorching outside, you'll want your house to be cool and comfortable — and that means keeping that air conditioning cranking, potentially resulting in higher electric bills.

School is out, which is one of the main reasons purchasers are house hunting really during the summer. However, assuming you have kids, having them home all day while trying to keep the house in show-ready condition may be precarious. Getting out of the house for a showing when children are involved could be to a greater degree a challenge, as well.

Since real estate sizzles in the summer, real estate agents and other industry professionals are involved. It could take somewhat longer to find the right agent, recruit an inspector, or return home repairs.

Summer Considerations for Home Sellers
After thinking through the upsides and downsides, you want to sell your home in the summer. The following tips could assist with making the interaction somewhat easier so you can stay mentally collected instead of singing the summertime blues.

Accomplish yard work early in the morning or late in the evening
Mowing, pulling weeds, and planting blossoms will be a lot easier when you save it for the coolest times. Break it up over the course of the week so you're just centered around one thing instead of trying to do everything simultaneously. On the off chance that landscaping actually feels like a herculean task, bring it down to measure by filling a planter or two with splendid blossoms. This will add an inviting pop of variety to the front of your home without a lot of exertion. In fact, many nurseries and hardware stores sell these already made so all you want to do is water them.

Keep an eye out for pests.
One of the advantages of the colder winter months is less frightening little animals. At the point when the temperature starts to rise, little scuttling companions come to join in the festivities, often finding their way into our homes. You don't want potential purchasers walking in and finding ants, flies, or roaches, so in the event that you haven't had your home checked for bugs lately, this present time is a decent opportunity to call the irritation control company. Also, do nothing that could attract bugs, such as keeping a bowl of new natural products on the counter or leaving treats out for potential purchasers. You could find natural product flies or sugar ants also enjoying your tasty treats.

Get your air conditioner checked out.
The last thing you want is for the air conditioner to give out just before a showing. Make sure your AC unit is in optimal condition and have your air pipes cleaned and the channels changed, as well.

Relocate your trash bins.
What's the primary thing you want potential purchasers to smell when they arrive at your home? Natural air and blooming blossoms? The tempting aroma of newly baked treats? Whatever it will be, it probably isn't the wafting aroma of warm, stinky garbage. Trash bin scents are considerably more pervasive during the summer months, so attempt to keep your bins out of the sun and far from the entrances to your home. Try not to discard famously rancid things like fish or raw meat until trash day, and make sure the covers on your bins are firmly shut.

Highlight outdoor features.
Being outside will be on the minds of potential purchasers since it's summer. They'll see open air living spaces considerably more than they would any other season, so make the majority of your back yard, deck, patio, firepit, or pool. Make sure these areas are clean by dusting or power-washing, then arrange your outside furniture in an inviting way. Make the space more welcoming with accent cushions, artwork, vivid plants, or an area carpet. Make sure to keep colors neutral so the purchasers can imagine themselves enjoying the space.

Add some summer refreshments.
It's hot, and your potential purchasers may be parched. On the off chance that they're caught up with thinking about how parched they are, they're not centered around your home. Prior to a showing, arrange a tray with filtered water or a pitcher of lemonade. In the event that you include treats on the tray, make sure they are covered (see the segment about bothers above).

Declutter your home.
Regardless of whether you've already gone through your home and eliminated a few things, rehash this. Aim to give your space a splendid, airy feeling by getting freed of unnecessary toss blankets, cushions, or other remnants of cooler temperatures.

Price your home right.

Talk to your real estate agent about the best listing cost. A few dealers accept that since summer is a particularly active time for real estate, they can value their homes high and negotiate the cost down, if necessary. Yet, a house that's estimated well above comparable homes in the area may remain on the market well into late summer or early fall. Assuming that happens, it's doubtful to sell. A home that sits on the market too lengthy will make purchasers, and even a few agents, can't help thinking about what's the matter with the house. In the end, not pricing the house right from the outset could wind up costing you cash.

It's summertime, and the selling is easy! Indeed, at least it will be assuming you plan ahead and remember the tips above. Presently, go make a splash with your summer-ready home. Assuming that you really want more tips about selling your house, make certain to look at our home selling how-to segment.


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